Campaign news archive - January 2017

Don’t Let Trump Visit

Don’t Let Trump Visit Jeremy Corbyn writes to Theresa May [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit Labour campaigned in last year’s referendum to remain in the European Union — and nearly two-thirds of Labour voters voted to remain. [continue...]

Left Slate: Please Publicise

Left Slate: Please Publicise On January 21st the LRC National Executive Committee voted and agreed to endorse the following candidates for the positions on the Labour Party National Constitutional Committee (NCC) and Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) [continue...]

Momentum and the LRC

Momentum and the LRC The following motions on Momentum were passed at the LRC NEC on January 21st 2017 [continue...]

Corbyn is right, action on high pay is overdue

Corbyn is right,
action on high pay is overdue

By Michael Calderbank [continue...]

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