Campaign news archive - April 2009

LRC supports parent protestors!

The LRC supports the heroic action taken by parents of children at the Lewisham Bridge Primary School who are occupying the school rooftop to express their anger at plans to close their school and build a new academy. [continue...]

LRC pays tribute to ‘courageous working class leader’ Jack Jones

The LRC is paying tribute to the life of Jack Jones, former leader of the Transport & General Workers Union, who fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, and after he stepped down as a trade union leader became President of the National Pensioners’ Convention. [continue...]

‘Labour to the core’ Alice Mahon leaving shows ‘political catastrophe’ for Party

Former Halifax Labour MP Alice Mahon, a member for over 50 years, has resigned from the Labour Party. Alice Mahon was elected to the LRC National Committee at the November 2008 LRC Conference, topping the poll. [continue...]


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