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The Threat of Right Wing Populism

The Threat of Right Wing Populism Jeremy Corbyn spoke to the Party of European Socialists Council in Prague yesterday, here is the full text of the speech.  [continue...]

Whither Momentum?

Whither Momentum? By Pete Firmin Early in November the Momentum Steering Committee (SC) issued a statement, “The SC recognises and regrets the discontent and frustration felt by Momentum members in recent days… The Committee recognises the need for a greater level of accountability and transparency”. [continue...]

What kind of Momentum conference?

What kind of Momentum conference?

Mike Phipps ponders the case for an OMOV structure [continue...]

Keith Henderson Appeal Successful!

Keith Henderson Appeal Successful! All legal costs have now been paid in full. Keith would like to take this time to thank everyone who donated to the appeal fund and give special thanks to John McDonnell and the LRC for all their support over the last five years.  [continue...]

Momentum debates Democratic Structures

Momentum debates Democratic Structures By Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union and Chair of the LRC [continue...]

Brexit – where do we stand?

Brexit – where do we stand? By Mick Brooks The referendum on leaving the European Union was not of our making. David Cameron proposed it in order to settle the internal warfare within the Tory Party.
Whether we voted to remain or to leave is now neither here nor there. Britain is now set to leave the EU on terms negotiated by the Tories, our class enemy. On the other hand Theresa May’s government is insecure, with a small majority in Parliament. It is clear they are clueless as to what will happen next. [continue...]

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