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More Banking Mayhem on the Way?

More Banking Mayhem on the Way? By Mick Brooks. Reprinted from the February 2016 issue of Labour Briefing,
magazine of the LRC [continue...]

Blacklist Support Group latest

Blacklist Support Group latest High Court orders blacklist firms to disclose further evidence
and issues costs of £100,000 against them [continue...]

Special general meeting:  LRC National Committee Statement

Special general meeting:
LRC National Committee Statement

1. The election of Jeremy Corbyn constitutes a political earthquake in Britain. For many years first right wing New Labour, and now a Tory government, which aspires to destroy the welfare state and most of the gains achieved by the labour movement over a century, have dominated the political agenda. Over this time the LRC and the left generally have been in a defensive mode. Jeremy’s election on a huge wave of democratic involvement and debate represents the beginning of a long-awaited radicalisation in British society. As Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union has commented, this represents, “The chance of a lifetime.” We must seize this opportunity to make permanent gains for the cause of socialism.  [continue...]

LRC Special conference 2016: Saturday 20th February 2016

LRC Special conference 2016:
Saturday 20th February 2016

The left’s success in 2015 was truly extraordinary - Jeremy Corbyn was swept into the Labour leadership, with a massive democratic mandate from Party members and supporters.  But although we have won the leadership, we haven’t yet won control of the Party.  Hostile elements still abound, in the parliamentary party, the organisational apparatus, and beyond.  There can be no place for routinism - the left must raise its game to meet the new tasks we now face.
In these exceptional circumstances, therefore, the LRC’s National Committee has decided to call this Special General Meeting in order to have a focused, structured discussion about how we respond - politically and organisationally - to the new situation.  For these purposes the agenda will be based around discussion of a National Committee Statement, and recommendations for structural changes to how the LRC sees its role and operates going forward.
We invite you to the LRC Special Meeting 2016 taking place on
Saturday 20th February at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL, from 10:30 am to ~ 4pm.
Registration opens 10 am.  [continue...]

The Floods and the Cuts

The Floods and the Cuts By Mick Brooks Apart from the heartbreak, the present floods have caused a cool £5 billion in damage so far, and the clean-up may end up costing a lot more.
Politicians smugly declare after the waters have risen, “This is a once in a lifetime event.” Well there are places in Britain that have endured floods in 2007, the winter of 2013-4, and again now in December 2015. [continue...]

Momentum Statement December 2015

Momentum Statement December 2015 While Momentum has successfully achieved its initial short term goal of capturing the energy and enthusiasm of Jeremy’s campaign, there is still work to be
done to ensure that it meets its longer term aim of developing into a democratic, transparent and participatory organisation. [continue...]

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