Campaign news archive - June 2016

Hundreds of councillors sign pro-Corbyn letter

We are a group of Labour Party councillors who are dismayed by the attempt by some within the Parliamentary Labour Party to oust our democratically elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Many of us were elected in May, where in spite of predictions of an electoral meltdown, we won our seats. Voters who had previously felt abandoned by the Labour Party returned to vote for us, returned as members, and returned as campaigners. [continue...]

Young Labour Statement On Jeremy Corbyn

Young Labour has passionately campaigned to remain in the EU but respect the decision of the electorate.  [continue...]

A political leader who cannot be bought

The BFAWU statement on Jeremy Corbyn
Members and representatives of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union condemn the actions of a number of Labour MPs who have chosen to start a civil war within the party. Since Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide election victory nine months ago, certain MPs, unable to accept democracy have sought to de-stabilise the party and undermine Mr Corbyn’s vision time and again, often through Conservative Party supporting outlets, including the Rupert Murdoch media empire.  [continue...]

Model Motion for GC meetings - #KeepCorbyn

That this CLP: is dismayed and angered by the antics of a section of the Parliamentary Labour Party who have sought to undermine our democratically-elected leader Jeremy Corbyn. [continue...]

Is your MP backing Corbyn?

We’re aware that the following Labour MPs have tweeted or otherwise publicly offered support to #KeepCorbyn. [continue...]

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