Campaign news archive - July 2013

Spread the Word - Defend the Link

Like Maria Exall and Gary Heather below, we need to raise the consciousness of union and Labour Party rank and file of how to defend the very heart of the Labour Party.
Let us know of any resolutions passed in your branches etc. [continue...]

This lobbying Bill’s not fit for purpose

Jeremy Corbyn in the Morning Star tells how the new bill from the Tories is designed to tie ‘a manacle round the hands of trade unions or other groups seeking to properly represent their membership’ : [continue...]

London Young Labour defends the trade union link

From Left Futures [continue...]

McCluskey July 24th 2013

McCluskey’s speech to Unite on the link between Labour and Unite [continue...]

Labour mustn’t lose it’s way

Jeremy Corbyn in the Morning Star Last Saturday we saw the largest Durham Miners’ Gala in recent memory, with inspirational speeches from TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, Unite leader Len McCluskey and journalist Owen Jones among others. [continue...]

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