Campaign news archive - December 2015

The Floods and the Cuts

The Floods and the Cuts By Mick Brooks Apart from the heartbreak, the present floods have caused a cool £5 billion in damage so far, and the clean-up may end up costing a lot more.
Politicians smugly declare after the waters have risen, “This is a once in a lifetime event.” Well there are places in Britain that have endured floods in 2007, the winter of 2013-4, and again now in December 2015. [continue...]

Momentum Statement December 2015

Momentum Statement December 2015 While Momentum has successfully achieved its initial short term goal of capturing the energy and enthusiasm of Jeremy’s campaign, there is still work to be
done to ensure that it meets its longer term aim of developing into a democratic, transparent and participatory organisation. [continue...]

Special General Meeting 2016

After Corbyn’s Victory:
The tasks facing the Labour Left and LRC
Special General Meeting 2016 [continue...]

Bring a New Politics into Local Democracy

Bring a New Politics into Local Democracy LRC EC Statement On the basis of a hasty and highly selective reading of the letter sent to Labour councils by Jeremy Corbyn, together with John McDonnell and Jon Trickett, some right-wingers are claiming that the leadership has endorsed their existing strategy towards implementing the cuts. Likewise some sectarian elements on the left have already begun to accuse the leadership of having made a demoralising climb-down on the issue.   [continue...]

‘Hope’ against the cuts

‘Hope’ against the cuts This is a very sharp and political play. It shows the impossible position that Labour councils are being pushed into because of the cuts. It is a play, not a political pamphlet, and ends on a bleakly pessimistic note as the commissioners take over the democratically elected council’s affairs. This should be food for thought for us all. How do we stop this happening? How do we begin a national campaign against the cuts? [continue...]

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