Campaign news archive - April 2014

MPs support RMT action

29/04/2014 For Immediate Release from John McDonnell MP Following the 48 hours of strike action on the London Underground, MPs have tabled an urgent motion in the House of Commons calling for public consultation on the future of Tube Ticket Offices and the alleged misuse of London Underground funds. [continue...]

Zero hours contracts

Zero hours contracts
– promoting a climate of fear in the workplace By Martin Wicks [continue...]

Stop the ‘March for England’

Stop the ‘March for England’ Sunday 27th April in Brighton Assemble 11.30am at the bottom of West Street [continue...]

Jobs recovery or jobs illusion?

Jobs recovery or jobs illusion? All hail George Osborne? Maybe not, says Andrew Fisher [continue...]

How Can Labour Re-Build Trust with Teachers?

How Can Labour Re-Build Trust with Teachers? LRC Meeting at NUT Conference [continue...]

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