Campaign news archive - January 2015

More Support for Syriza

More Support for Syriza Open letter published in Guardian 27 Jan. A new government has formed in Greece that places people at the heart of its programme of change.
The crippling bail-out package imposed through the EU/IMF Memorandum has created huge increases in unemployment – especially for the young. There is a consequent loss of health insurance and therefore access to health services for nearly 1 in 5 Greeks, as well as severe homelessness and energy disconnections. This has created what the Lancet has reported as a public health tragedy. Wages and pensions have been drastically cut while living costs have soared. There has been an erosion of basic rights such as collective bargaining. As well as damaging society these policies have failed to reboot the Greek economy and the public debt in relation to GDP is now far greater than it was before the programme started in 2010. [continue...]


Tabled before the House of Commons 22.01.15 [continue...]

Drop the Greek Debt!

Drop the Greek Debt! (Letter to Guardian 20.01.15) As economists, we note that the historical evidence demonstrates the futility and dangers of imposing unsustainable debt and repayment conditions on debtor countries; the negative impact of austerity policies on weakening economies; and the particularly severe effects that flow on to the poorest households. [continue...]

Come to the Left Platform meeting on 7 February.

STOP MESSING AROUND! Come to the Left Platform meeting on 7 February. [continue...]

Time to Change Course

Time to Change Course A group of 15 Labour MPs have issued a public statement on January 26th, expressing concern about elements of Labour’s policy agenda, and urging a change of course in three key areas. The letter – signed by MPs on the left of the Parliamentary Labour Party – calls for an alternative to Labour’s current deficit reduction plans, public ownership of the railways and a return to collective bargaining and employment rights in the workplace. [continue...]

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