Campaign news archive - February 2014

Victory over debate on disabled

Victory over debate on disabled PRESS RELEASE 28/02/2014 Following a historic debate in the House of Commons, the first time in its history people with disabilities have secured a debate on a motion of their choosing, John McDonnell MP calls on the Government to implement a full cumulative impact assessment of the effects of welfare reform on sick and disabled people. [continue...]

Reject Miliband’s ‘reforms’

Reject Miliband’s ‘reforms’: a ticking time-bomb which could destroy Labour as we know it, warn critics on the left [continue...]

ATOS Protests February 19th

ATOS Protests February 19th Report from Suffolk People’s Assembly On February 19th people from across the country gathered outside over 140 Assessment Centres run by ATOS, to protest against their discredited Work Capability Assessments. The protest was led by disabled activists in Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), who have been suffering from cuts made by the Coalition government. [continue...]

The Floods and the Tories

The Floods and the Tories A report from the GMB David Cameron was asked 3 times by Miliband at Prime Minister’s Questions if he would now reverse the job cuts at the Agency and 3 times he ducked the question. You can conclude clearly his intentions, but it is getting increasingly more difficult to justify and defend such a position and we will continue applying the pressure and calling for a reversal. [continue...]

Recommended slate for Labour’s NEC

Recommended slate for Labour’s NEC In view of their votes to accept the Collins Report at the meeting of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee on 4th February, the Labour Representative Committee is no longer willing to support Ken Livingstone and Ann Black in their campaign for re-election to the NEC.  [continue...]

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