Campaign news archive - August 2013

McDonnell in Hansard

During Thursday’s debate, the LRC Chair John McDonnell, in classic form, gives a welcome view on the Syrian question: [continue...]

LabourList readers want MPs to oppose Syria air strikes

Yesterday we asked you to have your say on how Labour MPs – and the Labour leadership – should act on Syria. 2676 of you have voted in the last 18 hours (our biggest ever response to a LabourList survey). Here are the results. [continue...]

No military intervention in Syria!

LRC statement on Syria No military intervention in Syria! Once again western powers, Britain included, are poised to intervene militarily in the Middle East. Twelve years ago, US-led forces stormed into Afghanistan in an intervention that has achieved none of its stated goals - destroying Al Qaeda, defeating the Taliban or safeguarding the world from fundamentalist terrorism. Ten years ago, the invasion and occupation of Iraq left a million Iraqis dead and one in six uprooted from their homes. More recently, the west’s intervention put Libya into the hands of armed militias and caused widespread civilian casualties in Mali and Yemen. [continue...]

Press Release: Strike Action at Hovis (Premier Foods), Wigan

Press Release re: Strike Action at Hovis (Premier Foods), Wigan The issue of zero-hour contracts and the use of agency workers is one that is taking up a considerable amount of column space in both local and national newspapers at the moment. The Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers Union highlighted this exploitation back in 2011 during a dispute with a well known supplier of cake products. The current dispute with Hovis is one which has the potential to shape all future employment. It’s about the casualisation of the food industry and a race to the bottom. Unlike other disputes over workers pay and conditions, this is a fight for the right of future workers to be given a contract of employment on the same terms and conditions of those they will work alongside. It’s a fight to ensure that the local residents continue to have credible job opportunities and perhaps more importantly, that future generations in the community have the same opportunities to gain secure, well paid employment. [continue...]

Contemporary motions for Labour Conference

The LRC have collated the following contemporary motions for the Labour Party Conference at the end of September. [continue...]

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