Local LRCs

The Labour Representation Committee encourages members to meet together in local groups.  To be recognised, local groups must consist of at least 10 members, be properly constituted and sign up to the LRC’s code of conduct.  Members should be either Labour members or supporters, or individuals with no party affiliation.  Both Chair and Secretary should be as elected in a vote of at least 10 members.  Detailed minutes of the group’s inaugural AGM and regular reports should be sent to the LRC NEC via info@L-R-C.org.uk . 

Local LRCs are geographically-based – being no larger than borough-wide in London or county-wide outside London.  Each is encouraged to develop its own social media presence, which can include a website, You Tube, twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or whatever the group prefers, provided the LRC’s Guidance on Conduct is followed.

Contact us if you want to be put in touch with:

  • Brent LRC
  • Brighton & Hove LRC
  • Ealing LRC
  • East Merseyside LRC
  • Hackney LRC
  • Hastings & Rother LRC
  • Hull LRC
  • Islington LRC
  • Lambeth & Southwark LRC
  • Leeds LRC
  • Mersey LRC
  • South Yorkshire LRC
  • Southampton LRC
  • St Helens & Knowsley LRC
  • Sussex LRC
  • Walthamstow LRC

Local LRCs have previously also included: Calderdale LRC, Croydon Central LRC, Durham LRC, Essex LRC, Greater London LRC, Hampshire LRC, Haringey LRC, North East & Cumbria LRC, North West LRC, Northern Region LRC, Northumberland LRC, Nottinghamshire LRC, Teesside LRC, West London LRC.

Please contact info@l-r-c.org.uk if you are an LRC member and want to start-up an LRC group in your area or revive one of our groups where the previous local organiser has moved away.


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Changes to the LRC National Committee structure were agreed at the National Committee meeting of November 2015 and ratified by the Special Conference in February 2016. See LRC Future.