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Labour Policy Review 2013

For the “Your Britain” Labour Party policy review the LRC Labour Party Liaison Unit have drafted the following submissions.  The cut off point is 6th March and submissions can be made online.  Please click on each link to see the individual submissions.

How to make a submision to the Labour Party “Our Britan” policy review using LRC model submissions.
The deadline for submissions of up to 600 words is 6th March 2013.

Submission site: www.yourbritain.org.uk

First of all Log-in using your membersnet sign-on or register if you are a first time user

1. Place mouse over “Join the Debate” and click on “Find a Discussion”.
2. Click on subject required (e.g. “Housing”).
3. At right hand of screen click on “Make a Submission”.
4. Click the “Continue” button.
5. Make a submission of up to 600 words (Cut and paste where appropriate).
6. Click “Submit” button.
7. The first line of your submission will appear on the right hand side of the Labour Party website screen.
8. You will get an email confirming your submission has been successful - click on link on email to view your submission on Labour Party website.

Here are some draft submissions which can be used as a basis for your own. They are in pdf format – right click if you wish to save a copy.

Local Government
Local Government pdf

Foreign Policy
International pdf

Housing pdf

Health & NHS pdf

Energy pdf

Industry or Business
Employment pdf
Banks pdf

Education pdf

Tax Policy pdf
Progressive tax pdf
Tax Innovation pdf

Tax fairness pdf

Transport pdf

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DPAC: The impact of the cuts on disabled people

In a series of articles the LRC has asked key campaigning organisations to explain how the cuts will impact upon particular communities, entrenching disadvantage.

The first article in this series comes from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). Download the paper here. It shows:

  * 75% of disabled women and 70% of disabled men are already at the bottom end of Britain’s income distribution scale living in poverty
  * A tenth of disabled women have incomes below £31 per week and a tenth of disabled men have incomes below £59 per week including earned income and benefits
  * Already 30% of disabled people live below the poverty line and 1 in 4 families with disabled children cannot afford heating
  * The median level of total wealth for households headed by an employee is £217,500 compared to only £21,100 for households headed by someone who is sick or disabled
  * Under the coalition government’s economy drive disabled people are set to lose at least £140 per month through direct cuts to disability benefits (initially devised to pay the extra costs of being disabled) alone
Download the DPAC paper

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NPC: Pensioners Manifesto

The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has published its Pensioners’ Manifesto 2010. The NPC is also organising the ‘Defend the Welfare State and Public Services’ demo on 10th April.

Download the Pensioners Manifesto

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A People’s Agenda

The LRC has launched a pamphlet for the General Election 2010 - A People’s Agenda. The idea of the pamphlet is to generate the real political discussion we want at election time.

As LRC Chair John McDonnell MP, writes in the Introduction:

“As we go into the 2010 General Election, it is clear that much of the electorate feels it has no choice - with all the three major parties offering the same prescription for the UK: there will be cuts to your local services and to your pay - and quite possibly your job too.”

“This document sets out some broad ideas for the society we want. But we want your ideas and responses to”.

Download the pamphlet ‘A People’s Agenda’

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SEA: A Manifesto for Education

The Socialist Education Association (SEA) has published its priorities for the election manifesto on education.

Download the document and have your say.

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LEAP Red Papers March 2010: Breaking the Cuts Consensus

The March 2010 LEAP Red Papers: Breaking the Cuts Consensus were published just prior to the March 2010 Budget Statement.

In this edition of the papers, John Grieve Smith argues that the pre-election cuts consensus is driven by misplaced obsession with the budget deficit, and that such cuts would be damage the economy. The ‘misplaced obsession’ could be countered by an international, government-led mechanism for pricing and trading public sector debt, argues Gordon Nardell.

An alternative to the cuts consensus, based on tax justice and public ownership, is argued for by Andrew Fisher, while Gerry Gold explains why neither the solutions offered by neoliberals nor Keynesians can solve the global crisis.

Graham Turner argues that the crisis in the UK is exacerbated by the decline of manufacturing, on contrast to other countries that have had a clear manufacturing strategy, while Jerry Jones tackles another election issue – migration – arguing that trade union rights are the solution to exploitation and under-cutting.

As John McDonnell MP concludes, no party is adequately addressing these issues because none want a more democratic system

Download the papers in full.

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LEAP Red Papers - Dec 2009 - The Cuts

The LEAP Red Papers - December 2009 - The Cuts contain the following papers:

Graham Turner on Britain’s macroeconomic situation
Gerry Gold on whether we need a finance sector
Jerry Jones on reviving Britain’s manufacturing industry
Andrew Fisher on the cost of asset sales and the private sector
Richard Murphy on the cost of public sector cuts
Dave Wetzel on why the UK needs a land value tax
John McDonnell on an alternative to cuts

Download the The Cuts Red Papers

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Where now for LGBT equality?

Peter Purton, author of “Sodom, Gomorrah and the New Jerusalem: Labour and lesbian and gay rights from Edward Carpenter to today” writes on the future of the struggle for LGBT equality.

Download Where now for LGBT equality?

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Social Ownership

In line with our 2008 LRC Conference policy, the LRC is supporting campaigns for, and fostering debate on, social ownership:

Download Why we need a campaign for Social Ownership by Martin Wicks. This paper looks at the recent ‘nationalisations’ and argues for a campaign for real social ownership.

You can also buy the LEAP publication Building the New Common Sense - social ownership for the 21st century.

Download Sources of Union Power by Professor Gregor Gall. This paper looks at the sources of union power in a world of neo-liberal globalisation and puts forward some ideas for discussion about the potential for using that power.

Download A Market Economy based on Common Ownership by Jerry Jones. This LEAP discussion paper proposes a new, more equitable economic system that makes more efficient use of the world’s natural and financial resources, technology, and people’s labour power.

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LRC policy is democratically decided by our annual conference. All LRC affiliates are entitled to move a resolution at conference, which is then voted on by the whole conference. The National Committee is elected each year by annual conference, and this is responsible for the day-to-day running of the LRC between conferences.

The 2011 conference debated 20 resolutions moved by affiliated organisations. Download the conference resolution booklet - all bar motion 4 was passed. The National Committee statement was also passed overwhelmingly. An emergency motion on Iran was also passed. Read a full report of 2011 Conference

The 2009 LRC conference debated 18 resolutions moved by LRC affiliated organisations. Download the Resolutions booklet (pdf file), as well as the LRC National Committee Statement. With the exception of resolution 9 all were passed.

A record twenty resolutions were debated at the LRC Conference in November 2008. All except motion 10 were passed, and you can download the 2008 AGM resolutions booklet, and supplementary resolutions. A constitutional amendment moved by the outgoing National Committee was also passed.

You may also be interested in the LRC Constitution.

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Elections 2009

In the Euro elections Labour experienced catastrophically bad results with its lowest share of the vote in a nationwide election since 1910, when the Party was only four years old. Labour polled substantially below 20% and finished 3rd behind UKIP. Download the LRC analysis of the European election results.

In the Local Elections, Labour lost control of all four counties it was defending: Derbyshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire. With all results in, Labour has 328 fewer councillors than it won in 2005 (includes by-election defeats and defections in the interim) and maintains only 170 councillors.  Download the LRC analysis of the Local election results.

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Palestine: Future peace

The LRC Anti-War Commission has published a series of discussion papers following the third in its series of seminars, on Palestine. Let us know your views by adding your comments below or emailing (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Download the Introduction by Mike Phipps, Chair of the LRC Anti-War Commission.

The papers on Palestine are:

More papers to follow. You may also be interested in these short films by Maggie O’Kane on Gaza War Crimes Investigation.

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The Left Case for Proportional Representation

Michael Calderbank of the Electoral Reform Society puts the ‘Left Case for Proportional Representation’

Download the paper here.

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Afghanistan: Time for Military Withdrawal

The LRC Anti-War Commission has published a series of discussion papers under the title ‘Afghanistan: Time for Military Withdrawal’. Let us know your views by adding your comments below or emailing (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Download the Introduction by Mike Phipps, Chair of the LRC Anti-War Commission.

The ‘Afghanistan: Time for Military Withdrawal’ papers are:

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Iraq: Justice and Withdrawal

The LRC Anti-War Commission has published a series of discussion papers under the title ‘Iraq: Justice and Withdrawal’. The first batch of papers are posted below, let us know your views by adding your comments below or emailing (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Download the Introduction by Mike Phipps, Chair of the LRC Anti-War Commission.

The ‘Iraq: Justice and Withdrawal’ papers are:

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‘Programme for a Real Labour Government’

The LRC policy document is available as a colour booklet or the full document.


Published in advance of the 2005 General Election, this full colour booklet is a shortened version of the policy document presented to LRC conference 2005: LRC policy booklet

If you would like a printed copy of the policy booklet please send a cheque or postal order for £1, along with your name and address, to LRC, c/o G10 Norman Shaw South, House of Commons, London SW1A 2JF.

Full document

This is the full LRC policy document is the policy document as presented to LRC conference 2005.

The full ‘Programme for a Real Labour Government’ can also be downloaded in four parts for users with a low bandwidth:

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New Left Policy Papers

The New Left policy papers are co-sponsored by the New Left Unions and the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs. The final policy papers are the outcome of policy forums that have brought together trade unionists, MPs, academics and activists to agree a set of policies on which to campaign.

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